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Annual fall sales come to the Marshall-Putnam SWCD

The Marshall-Putnam SWCD is holding its fall sales again.

Fish sales

Due to unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19 and other things, they have switched fish suppliers. They are still holding the fall fish sale, however, they will be offering a smaller variety of species that in past sales. This is only temporary. They hope to have a full range of species in the spring of 2021. With that being said, they will be offering a few new things to go with the fish.

• Pond dye can be used to limit sunlight penetration and help limit algae and vegetation growth. They recommend one quart of blue and one quart of black per acre.

• All seasons blend bacteria prouct is used to reduce the level of nutrients in the pond which are the primary culprit of excessive algae and vegetation growth. This product aids in the nutrient reduction process which leads to more manageable nutrient levels.

• Triton fish food is a 45% protein (fishmeal based) fish food that can be fed to fish to increase growth rates and enhance the overall health of the fish.

• Texas Hunter fish feeder is the premium fish feeder available on the market and is operated by a programmable timer and powered off of a 12-volt battery and solar panel (all included).

• Electrofishing surveys are conducted in existing ponds to determine fish population dynamics and provide recommendations for corrective or supplemental stockings. Herman Brothers Fisheries conducts more than 350 surveys each year throughout the Midwest helping people in many different ways. These services included in the survey include, but are not limited to, electrofishing (fish survey), vegetation/algae analysis, water quality analysis, depth analysis, etc.

Tree and plant sales

Due to COVID-19, they will be having the same type of tree and plant sale as they did in the spring. They will be able to place orders through their nursery, but we will not be able to bring the sale to the building. Items will have to be picked up at Winding Creek Nursery in Millbrook. Contact the office for more information.

All order forms for the sale are available on their Facebook page or their website, www.marshallputnam.com. You can also call the office at 309-364-3913, ext. 3, they will mail, email or fax the forms. All order forms for fish, trees and plants will be due back into the office no later than end of business on Oct. 2. The fish pick-up date is 8 a.m. on Oct. 16. They will have a minimal contact pick-up. Information about the pick-up will be sent with the fish form.

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