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Property Transfers

Property Transfers: June 2020

The following property transfers were recorded at the Putnam County Clerk’s office during the month of June:

Michael and Colleen Johnson to Rocky and Melissa Yanish, Lot 716 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, $1,250.

Robert and Joseph Giacometti and Jill Marenda to Chad and Kristin Tonozzi, Lot 78 in Indian Hills, exempt.

Jennifer Marie Bocik to Joseph Timothy Bocik, Lot 454 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 2, exempt.

Joseph Timothy Bocik to Eric J. Heagy and Steven G. Pytel Jr., Lot 454 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 2, $199,455.

Jerry and Marjorie Kahsen to Daniel and Carie Jaeger, Lot 617 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, $1,000.

Estate of Ronald Stanard, Robert Stanard Estate and Erick Knickesbocker, administrator, to Bradley T. Grasser, Lots 6-8 in Block 1 in J.W. Hopkins Addition, Granville, $44,000.

First Midwest Bank, trustee of Trust #21952 to Jocielyn Hays, Lot 411 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $43,500.

Richard F. Cashman, trustee, to David and Elizabeth Heeman, Lot 77 and part of Lot 78 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $364,750.

Lake Thunderbird Association to R&J Builders and Developers, Inc., Lot 572, Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, $1,000.

Leo and Larry Priebe to Lake Thunderbird Association, Lot 135 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, exempt.

Tyler S. Akin to Shawn and Alyssa Duffy, Lot 171 in Indian Hills, exempt.

Driscoll and Anne Drew to Dennis and Beth Chambers, Lot 555 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, exempt.

Michael and Lynette Kuharchuk to Francisco and Diana Ponce, Lot 75 in Indian Hills, $80,000.

Gregory R. Smitas as successor trustee to Aaron and Sherri Murray, Lot 696 in Lake Thunderbird 4, $178,000.

Kathleen McDonald to Sally McDonald, two parts of Section 9 in Magnolia Township, exempt.

Dollye Starr as administrator to Benjamin Lafferty, Lot 708 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 4, $100,000.

Sarrah Selby, Douglas Kuhn and Jeffrey Gumuski to Sarrah Selby, part of Section 10 in Magnolia Township, $71,666.

Jozef and Maria Piatek to Joseph Boland, Lot 660 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 4, $124,000.

Jennifer Roser to Austin Biagini, Lots 19-22 in Block 1 in Wolf’s Addition, McNabb, $100,000.

Kathleen A. Kelley to Lindsay Chrencik, Lot 32 in Walnut Grove, Senachwine Township, exempt,

Juanita Arias to Daniel and Rebecca Rosendale, Lot 165 in Indian Hills, $1,200.

Margaret Lange to Kenee Lange-Pradzinski, Serena Campos and Nicole Mikolitch, Lot 232 in Indian Hills, exempt.

Christine Landaverde and Richard Westerfield to Douglas and Fe Ploch, Lot 1 in Block 24, Hennepin, exempt.

Calvin and Dianne Lawrenz to Matthew and Sarah Dresbach, part of Section 35 in Hennepin Township, $18,000.

Charles Read to Mark and Gabriele Read as trustees, part of Section 28 in Senachwine Township, $150,000.

The Streator Company to Donald and Tracy Kotecki, Lots 208-209 in Haw’s Addition, Magnolia, $82,000.

R&J Builders and Developers, Inc. to Robert and Jeanine Kumicich, Lot 572 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, exempt.

Lake Thunderbird Association to David and Terry Lueders, Lot 660 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, $1,000.

Marcia Vaskie to Jacob Taylor, Lots 1-3 in Block 15, McNabb, $89,500.

Jerry Funfsinn to Mohammed Taher Shareef and Ayesha Sultana, Section 34 in Magnolia Township, $21,000.

Raymond Rue to Raymond Rue and Matthew Rue, Lot 2 in Whitaker’s First Subdivision, Granville, exempt.

Kevin and Helen Sawicki to Jerry Liebhart, Lots 49-50 in L. Shepard’s Subdivision, Mark, $1,000.

Mark and Ronda Cross to Pamela J. Ross as surviving trustee, Lots 12-13 in Quin-Mar Subdivision, Mark, $220,000.

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