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Spring Valley killer denied appeal — again

Taliani strikes out for the fifth time with appeals court

OTTAWA — A killer convicted of a 1994 shooting in Spring Valley has been denied his latest appeal.

Steven A. Taliani, 57, was convicted of the murder of girlfriend Francee Wolf and for shooting and wounding her mother.

In his latest argument, Taliani argued he was innocent of the killing because two medications he’d been prescribed impaired his judgment and kept him from grasping the criminality of his actions.

In a Wednesday ruling, the Third District Appellate Court rejected his argument.

“(Taliani) also alleged that he was suffering from symptoms associated with serotonin syndrome at the time of the offense – specifically, heightened irritability, confusion and ‘altered consciousness,’” wrote Justice Robert Carter.

“However, it is not apparent that experiencing heightened irritability or confusion would deprive (him) of the substantial capacity to know that shooting the victims was a criminal act or to refrain from engaging in that conduct.

“Also, the term ‘altered consciousness’ is vague and neither the allegations in the petition nor the supporting documentation indicate how (Taliani’s) consciousness was altered at the time of the offense.”

The justices noted this was the fifth time Taliani appealed his conviction.

Taliani is scheduled for parole in 2044.

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