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From $85,000 to $123,351

Hennepin sets special meeting for storm sewer project

HENNEPIN — The Hennepin Village Board tabled action on bids received for the storm sewer project near Sixth and Locust streets on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Village engineer Bill Shafer reported the project received three bids, with the lowest bid being Stott Contracting of Morris at a price of $123,351.60.

The board looked into completing the project this year to provide better drainage and water flow in the area during heavy rains.

Shafer said he had not worked with Stott Contracting before but did some checking with references and said they were good. He recommended the board go along with the bid.

However, village President Kevin Coleman reminded Shafer that when the board first discussed the project he had estimated the cost to be around $85,000.

“My feeling is ... if we would have known it was going to be that high, we may not have pursued this,” he said.

Shafer admitted he should have checked further on information he had gotten for the project.

He said he estimated low on some numbers received, and there were also water main adjustments and sanitary sewer items he did not take into account.

Board member Matt Dean said he realizes the problem needs to be fixed but didn’t know what options the village has financially and physically to get the project completed now.

Dean suggested the streets committee get together to look further into the project. He said he wanted to make sure the project cost doesn’t put the village at financial risk.

“I would have been more comfortable with the $85,000. I see the $125,000, and I’m nervous,” he said. “That’s a lot more.”

Board member Quentin Buffington agreed, but he said the project would only get more expensive if the board pushed it off longer.

“This is a second phase of a project that was started in the early ‘80s, and it wasn’t done by the village then and only has been delayed by village boards through the years by putting Band-Aids on it,” he said. “We’ve known the problem exists, we’ve known it has existed for over 30 years. It’s time to put the project to bed and move on to the next one.”

Shafer said he would get in touch with the contractor to see if he would extend his bid offer while the board took more time to discuss finances of the project. He said he didn’t think it would be an issue as the contractor didn’t plan to start the project until three weeks out.

The board tabled action on the project and planned for the streets committee to meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, to further discuss plans. The board will then meet during a special meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30, to take action on the project.

Hennepin to put on Christmas tree lighting event

Also on Wednesday, Sept. 16, Buffington said the village plans to put on another Christmas event this year. A tentative date for the event is Saturday, Dec. 5. He said the Hennepin Pool plans to show a movie and do crafts with kids. There will also be opportunities to meet with Santa before the tree lighting later that evening. Buffington said the town Christmas tree will be the evergreen located directly north of the veterans’ memorial. Planning for the event is still in the beginning stages.

Trick-Or-Treat Hours

Hennepin Village Board approved Trick-Or-Treat hours to be 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31.

Village water rates will increase

Coleman reported the water district passed an ordinance last month to raise water rates. The new rates will go into effect Thursday, Oct. 1. He said the water and sewer rates will stay the same for the first 5,000 gallons used. After that usage, the cost per 1,000 gallons increased $2 — the rate went from $4.20 to $6.20 per 1,000 gallons used after 5,000 gallons.

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