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James Mack to replace retiring Judge Scott Shore in 10th Judicial Circuit

HENNEPIN – The smallest county in the state of Illinois has spoken. In the race for the retiring Honorable Scott Shore's seat as judge of the Circuit Court for the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Putnam County, the Republican candidate has won in the unofficial vote count for the Nov. 4 election.

James A. Mack earned 1,198 votes.

"I'm just happy to have prevailed in the race. It was a nice, clean campaign by everybody involved. I'm very grateful to the people of Putnam County having allowed me now to serve them as circuit judge," Mack said. "I will work hard to do a job sufficient to warrant the trust the voters of Putnam County have placed in me."

The judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court serves not only Putnam County, but Marshall, Stark, Peoria and Tazewell counties as well. Mack observed that there are unique challenges to covering retiring judge Scott Shore's seat.

"The biggest thing is going to filling Judge Shore's shoes," Mack said. "He is leaving a very big space to be filled. It will take a lot of work to provide the same level of competency and dedication which Judge Shore has served the county with for more than 20 years."

Mack ran against Democrat Brad Popurella who earned 929 votes. John Grivetti ran as an Independent candidate and earned 483 votes. Popurella thanked the Putnam County voters who supported him.

"We are disappointed, of course, in the outcome of the race. I appreciate all the hard work of the people that helped me," Popurella said. "I'm sorry the results were what they were in the race."

Of the 4,241 registered voters in Putnam County, 2,635 residents cast votes in the election for a 62.1 percent turnout.

Malavolti, Calbow and Holly win PC Board seats

HENNEPIN — In the only other contested race in Putnam County, the Putnam County Board had five candidates, including one write-in candidate, running for three available seats.

Republican Steve Malavolti proved the third time was the charm in running for the county board, winning the race with 1,491 votes. Current Putnam County Board Chairman Duane Calbow, a Democrat, took second place with 1,481 votes, while newcomer Democrat Luke Holly earned the third seat with 1,317 votes.

Also running was Democrat Eric Balma, who earned 1,301 votes, and write-in candidate Sandra Woest, who received 146 votes.

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