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Letters to the Editor

The fight to be average

To the Editor, $19 billion. That’s how much more money Illinois would have in its coffers since 200…

Believing in the miracle

I’m sorry my website failed on the great miracle that was to happen on the 13 of April of this year. In 2007, I gave talks on Garabandal at …

‘Engaging New Voices’

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month with the theme of “Engaging New Voices.” In the U.S., nearly one in five women (and one in 71 men) i…

‘An anti-environment extremist’

The news continues to be dire as President Trump continues down his path of destructionist decisions for our country. He is certainly not “m…

What’s your take?

Can anyone who reads this please answer my questions? What has Trump done to bring a very troubled and divided country together?

No tax dollars paid

I am one of the taxpayers that has been following the budget fight by Gov. Rauner and the Illinois Legislature. Workman's compensation has b…

We shouldn't be so naive

Recently, two Democratic, colored politicians made disparaging remarks about Trump and FBI Director James Comey. John Lewis (who marched  wi…

‘Still reeling ...’

I just read Larry Eden’s letter regarding Donald Trump. I just have to tell you how much I respect your opinion, Larry.

Donald Trump worries me

All of my life I have tried never to worry or get concerned over things that I do not control. Right now, at almost 77 years old, I am very …
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