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Bond, ... bird bond

Recently, I have been dabbling in the hobby of aviculture. I say dabbling, but birds have become my obsession.


I am a biological blonde. I have fought the stereotype for my entire life and I have tried to take it in stride when I do something "blonde.…

The middle must by heard

I worry a great deal about the polarization of what’s left of our two major parties. The Democrats are in thrall to African-American leaders…


As I crested the hill on the Kentville today, heading to work, I saw them. Giant silver windmills, churning up the air. Now these are not th…

Observations from the Field of Dreams

Matt Hostetter, our local Country Financial Representative, had called me and said he had a great story for me. His administrative assistant…

Life is messy

As I sit here this morning with little bits of bird formula in my hair, on my clothes and speckling my glasses, I wonder ... why?  Why have …
Observations From the Field of Dreams

Observations From the Field of Dreams

Earlier this year, the Putnam County Historical Society hosted Jerry and Bob Read during their annual open house at the new meeting house by…
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