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Board approves new ordinance to boost utility bill compliance

Pay bills promptly, or else owe even more

GRANVILLE — Delinquent water and sewer bills will not stand in Granville.

The Granville Village Board approved a new ordinance Oct. 1 that revises timelines and increases fees for those who fail to pay water and sewer bills on time.

The new ordinance, drafted by village attorney Brad Popurella, moves the due date of all water and sewer bills from the 15th of each month to the third Thursday of each month.

A 10 percent late fee will be added to all bills not paid on time, and those who have not paid will have past-due cards mailed to them on the third Friday of the month — with payments due on or before the following Wednesday.

If payment still is not made, the water will be shut off on the fourth Thursday of the month and additional fees will be assessed — both to turn the water off and then to turn it back on again once the account becomes current.

In such a case, residents with past due bills will be charged $50 for the disconnection of their service and $50 for the reconnection of their service, if these actions occur during regular working hours of the public works department. If not, residents will face greater fees of $150 for each action.

In the event of repeat offenders, fees will double the third time that the water must be disconnected and reconnected again.

This ordinance takes effect Jan. 1.

Board invests in equipment

In other board action, Joe Glynn, field service operations manager with Total Environmental Service Technologies Inc., presented a combined proposal from G.L. Scheri Electric Co. and Complete Integration and Services for the engineering, installation, programming and testing of two blower variable frequency drives for use at the wastewater treatment plant, at a total cost of $33,440.

Though the village previously considered a soft-start system, Glynn pointed out an important distinction with variable frequency drives: “The soft-starts start the motor up slowly, but then ramp it up to full speed and that’s where it stays 24 hours a day; where a VFD will modulate depending on the oxygen in the tank.”

Glynn said this distinction means that VFDs enhance the prospect of greater savings on energy costs. He estimated savings of a minimum of $5,000 a year.

In addition, Glynn pointed out that with Ameren Illinois’ VFD incentives program, the village could expect to receive $10,000 toward the purchase.

Following discussion, the board unanimously approved the bid.

Street-patching update

Village engineer Mike Richetta, of Chamlin and Associates, along with Kevin Moore, acting superintendent of public works, reported that spray patch work on the streets is underway and should be completed soon. Also, the VFW project is done, and though sealcoating had been slated for this year, it will not happen until the spring.

In his role as police chief, Moore said delivery has yet to be made on the new squad car purchased by the village. In addition, he recommended repairing the 2013 model before selling it. It may need a new torque converter, and a recall exists on its catalytic converter. These repairs will be pursued with Al Cioni Ford of Granville.

Moore also reported that of the four new part-time officers hired, two are already patrolling on their own. The remaining two continue to progress through their training and should be completed soon.

Trustee Jeff Greathouse reported on estimates for an electronic marquee sign to be installed at the village entrance. In view of costs ranging from $20,000 to $30,000, the board determined to consider other possibilities.

Upcoming events

Village President Jared Baker outlined upcoming events:

• The village Halloween party will be held Thursday, Oct. 31, with a parade at 5 p.m. and hot dogs and chili in the park.

• The Veterans Day dinner will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12.

• The village’s Christmas celebration will be from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Dec. 7.

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