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Granville preparing for summer street work

Severe winter means repairs also needed on one-year-old McCoy Street

GRANVILLE — During the May 7 Granville Village Board meeting, members reviewed a list of possible road repair sites for this summer’s street maintenance program. Board member Jim Pettit said the village has set aside about $100,000 for the work.

This past winter took its toll on the nearly $400,000 McCoy Street project that was completed last year. and repairs to it are already needed.

“This winter, all roads suffered freeze/thaw cycles that produced cracking due to heaving, thermal contraction and salt exposure. I recommend we crack seal McCoy this summer,” Mike Richetta, village engineer, reported, with an estimate of $4,000 for that portion of the work.

He estimated $19,500 for four days of spray patching to various streets, which would use 2,600 gallons of oil and 88 tons of chips.

Richetta also provided the board with costs of seal coating and hot mix asphalt repairs, but requested a budget value from the board before proceeding with estimates on various locations.

He said the village could easily exceed $80,000 for a seal coat project based on the list of street locations needing repairs. The cost of hot mix asphalt exceeds the expense of seal coating, so a smaller area would be able to be repaired.

The list of proposed spray patch sites include areas on Laughlin Avenue, West South Street, School Street, East Hopkins Avenue, West Harrison Street, Sheridan Street, Edwards Avenue, Elizabeth Street, West Hopkins Avenue and Cleveland Circle.

The list of proposed sealcoating sites include areas on Hennepin Street, Silverspoon Avenue, Elm Street, Main Street, Hawthorn Avenue, Church Street, High Street, Hopkins Avenue and South Street.

Richetta provided the board with the first draft of a proposed preventive maintenance schedule for the village’s waste water treatment plant. At the next meeting, the board will receive a similar plan for the water treatment plant.

Richetta also estimated $2,000 per unit, per month, for two or three flow monitor recorders to measure the flow rates of storm water at various locations. The information will help the village assess how to best handle increased rainfall and prevent or reduce the occurrences of widespread flooding.

Other public works projects

The board approved $1,800 for tools and repair kits for six of the village’s fire hydrants. Public Works Superintendent Sheli Starkey said the village only has one inoperable hydrant and 10 left to flush. She said there are also a couple of hydrants the village will be removing from service, but added she was waiting for guidance from the EPA as to the proper procedure.

The village has also ordered a new chlorine pump for the water treatment plant.

Starkey reported an intake screen at the waste water treatment plant had been damaged by debris and the recent high water levels. Repairs will be made once water levels recede.

Resident sewer issue

Granville residents with clogged sewer drains are advised to call the village hall before calling for outside help.

Recently a citizen called Roto-Rooter for a backed-up sewer. After 120 feet, the clog still wasn’t cleared, so the resident contacted Illinois Valley Excavating. That company arrived with a Vactor truck that cleared a clog that was 125 to 150 feet away from the home and beneath the alley.

The citizen then asked the village to pay for both services since the clog was located in an area for which the village is responsible. Roto-Rooter was said to charge roughly $150 for a service call, and Illinois Valley Excavating charged approximately $370.

“The communication is after the fact,” Village President Jared Baker said.

Board member Tina Dolder and Starkey both agreed the resident should have called the village first.

“Why didn’t they call us first? Ninety-five percent of the time the problem is on the resident’s end, so it’s worth the money for us to call Roto-Rooter,” Starkey said, adding that when a Vactor truck is required, her department tries to consolidate it with other work in the village that can be done with the truck.

In addition, Starkey said no one is allowed to access the village’s sewer system through a manhole without a public works employee being present and that the clog was cleared by the Vactor truck through access in the resident’s house.

“They send the bill to who called them,” she said.

Pettit said agreeing to pay the bill for the resident would set a bad precedent, and village attorney Brad Popurella agreed a resident can’t call the village after the fact to pay for repairs they ordered without the village’s approval.

In other board news

• The board swore in new member Bob Fescenmeyer, who filled retired member Lou Verda’s seat and position on various committees.

• The board approved $50 donations to both the Marshall-Putnam Fair Queen Pageant and the Putnam County Historical Society’s annual dinner event.

• The next Granville Village Board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on May 21.

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