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Letters to the Editor

Parents asked to support post-prom Afterglow party

Open letter to prom parents:

All high school parents want their kids to enjoy prom and stay safe. Rotary’s on your side, again sponsoring the post-prom Afterglow so that our students can extend the enjoyment and excitement of their prom night safely — and it’s totally free for all Putnam County High School juniors, seniors and their dates — even including those who do not plan to attend prom.

We need your help in encouraging your student to attend — and in allowing your student to stay to the prize-winning end. Our hope is that through 100 percent participation, our community can help ensure a safe, fun and memorable prom experience for us all.

This year’s Afterglow “Carnival” experience will again include carnival games, a bags tournament, Plinko and a brand new SkeeBall event, in addition to a fun mock casino in which students will use play money and gather their winnings for use in an auction for valuable prizes at the end of the night.

The event will begin immediately following the Putnam County High School prom on Saturday, April 27, lasting until 2:30 a.m. at the PC Primary School Gym in Granville.

Many generous businesses, municipalities and individuals in our county have donated with the goal of encouraging a safe and enjoyable prom night. With their support, we are able to offer a great party, and great prizes to be won throughout the event, even including Apple watches, the latest and best in high-end electronic gifts, Solo cordless headphones, restaurant and shopping gift certificates, and many other prizes.

Some gifts are auctioned off at the end of the night, while other items are given by raffle drawings so that all have a chance to win valuable prizes. Every student also receives a gift Afterglow T-shirt with this year’s theme art, if present at evening’s end. There is no cost to the students to attend or for any of the “game chips” or raffle chances.

The Afterglow has become a part of the PCHS prom tradition and is something students look forward to each year as an extension of the evening’s festivities. Please help us continue the tradition by encouraging your student’s participation and by allowing them to remain at the Afterglow through the exciting auction and final prize drawings at the end.

We also need your help in discouraging any possible post-prom parties or activities that would draw students away from the enjoyment of this event. We hope for 100 percent participation in this year’s Afterglow “Carnival” on April 27.áThank you for your support!

Brandy Sandberg, president,

Putnam County Rotary Club, Granville

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