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Letters to the Editor

Sick and tired of attacks against President Trump

I am getting sick and tired of hearing the Trump haters attack our president. Judy Haggenjos’ letter to the editor [“President Trump has ‘no knowledge of Constitution,’” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26] accused President Trump of being a Nazi, and even went so far as to include an Obama quote that said, “How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?”

I can agree with that quote, but if you really know history, you can see who you should really be applying that label to.

Hitler’s Brown Shirts were a private army that broke up opponents’ political meetings and attacked them on the streets, especially if they were putting up posters or handing out fliers. Some, like their martyr Horst Wessel, were involved with prostitution. They beat up defenseless Jews and ransacked their businesses. They burned banned books.

That being the case, who do you think sounds like a Nazi? Is it the teenager sitting peacefully enjoying a meal with friends, or the bully who yanks the MAGA hat off his head and throws a drink in his face?

Is it the conservatives holding a peaceful meeting on the school grounds, or the rent-a-mob that comes in to break it up and bullies them?

Is it the politician seating peacefully in a restaurant having a meal with family, or the aggressive and potentially hostile bullies who violate their civil rights by driving them out?

Is it the politician at home with his family, or the flash mob who shows up to protest at his front door without a permit?

Who is it that is involved in massive sex crimes? Is it the average person like you and me, or the rich and famous Trump haters like Harvey Weinstein and those of the alleged sexual slavery cult NXIVM?

Nazis liked to repeat the same lies over and over again until some began to believe them. They also knew that many would believe a big lie over a small one. Fake news, anybody?

Among the worst of the Nazis were the SS. They were the Gestapo and ran the concentration camps. They wore all-black uniforms and were more fanatical than the SA. When I look at those pictures of the ANTIFA and their battle flags, I can’t help but see the resemblance to the SS. How ironic, the ANTIFA flag colors are the same as the Nazis: black, red and white.

Perhaps those who want to point fingers at Nazis should read a little history. It is sort of like those who take out of context passages from the Bible because they have never read the Bible.

Joe Krakovsky


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