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Letters to the Editor

Give Trump a chance; stop with all this hatred

I would like to offer a rebuttal to Judy Haggenjos’ editorial about President Trump [“President Trump has ‘no knowledge of Constitution,’” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26].

First of all, President Trump was elected because the American people were tired of Obama’s policies, which were leading us toward big government and socialism. My suggestion to all the left-wing liberals and Democrats is to give him a chance to govern instead of waking every morning filled with hate and high blood pressure.

Mr. Trump has done so much good for this country, but other than from a few conservative media outlets, you would never know this. The left-leaning mainstream news outlet reports are 93 percent negative toward the president. They rarely report the good things he accomplishes.

Let’s see, employment at the lowest rate in 50 years. Businesses growing because Mr. Trump did away with so many government regulations that stifled growth. A GDP of over 4 percent in less than 2 years, something Mr. Obama never did. Going after illegals with criminal records and deporting them.

Tax cut, which gave hundreds of thousands of American workers a bonus. Started a dialog with North Korea to end their nuclear program and, gosh, no World War 3. Mr. Trump showed strength that works. Bombed Syria’s military installations when Assad used chemical weapons, unlike Mr. Obama and his “line in the sand” who did nothing.

Re-doing trade agreements so that America does not lose billions of dollars. Pulled out of Paris accord, which would cost America billions more for nothing. Getting tough with the U.N. to pay their fair share. Pulled out of Iran deal, the worst deal ever made by this country.

There is more, but I think you get the idea that President Trump is not destroying this country but is making it a better place to live.

But now we have the far-left radicals who hate him for one reason, “he beat Hillary,” and are resorting to violence. Then there are Democrats trying to rile up the base to confront Republicans wherever they may be. Hey, Maxine Waters, while you live in a $3 million mansion, what have you done for your constituents lately?

President Trump may be unconventional and say things that many people disagree with, but give him a chance and stop with all this hatred.

William Kozma


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