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Letters to the Editor

President Trump has ‘no knowledge of Constitution’

Every day, another detail we would rather not hear. Our executive branch is in chaos led by a president who leaves SO much to be desired.

Every day, we see “the leader of the free world” lean more and more toward an autocracy. He obviously has no knowledge of our Constitution, nor does he seem to care.

He thinks the Justice Department is there just to serve him, and he wants Jeff Sessions to use it to investigate and identify the person who wrote the New York Times op-ed so unflattering to him, even going so far as to call that person treasonous. Our freedom of speech amendment must have slipped his mind.

While Trump seems to admire dictatorships, it is distressing to have our leader praise our enemies, i.e., Russia and North Korea in particular. Then he tweets insults about all our allies.

He is nothing more than a petulant, spoiled child. No wonder Secretary Mattis said he has the intellect of a fifth- or sixth-grader.

The question is, how long are Americans going to put up with Trump’s obscenities? Better yet, how long will the Republicans in Congress sit idly by and do or say nothing?

I hope members of our society will not be complaisant, especially our younger ones, and make it a priority to vote!

How many more sins will be revealed before the midterm election? As former President Obama said in his speech at the University of Illinois, “How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?”

How many more times, like Nazi Germany, will some people simply look the other way?

Judy Haggenjos


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