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Letters to the Editor

Confederate flag column showed ‘misguided logic’

This letter is in response to the article by Scott Reeder [“Confederate flag on pickup stands for intolerance,” Aug. 15] complaining about the Confederate flags he saw on a pickup truck in Springfield, Illinois.

There is so much wrong with this article, but space limits my attempt at rebuttal. Nevertheless, I will make my attempt, because as a great man said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

To begin with, that flag is not a symbol of white supremacy. It represented the Southern states that did not want the Northern states telling them how to live, much like the rebellion against the English king. I wonder if Mr. Reeder would consider California wanting to break away from the rest of the U.S. as treason, or the sanctuary cities fighting ICE to be unpatriotic.

The Civil War was not fought just for the sake of slavery, though that was an issue. True, many a plantation relied on slaves, just as Californian farms need hard-working, lowly-paid illegals, excuse me, dreamers.

Scott goes on to complain about the false image of the noble Confederate generals. He evidently knows nothing about Stonewall Jackson or Robert E. Lee. In a like manner, he probably never heard of the devastation caused by Sherman’s March to the Sea, or Grant’s drinking problem, or those ladies of the night who got their nickname from their namesake, Gen. Hooker.

I can understand him being upset because he does not like what he thinks that flag stands for, but that is just something he has to live with. There are many people who are deeply offended by a gay rainbow flag or those who do not want to allow public prayer at events or in school. To be selective in what is allowed is opening the door to discrimination.

He comes on to say he spent the day talking to black bikers. How noble of him!

Being as he is a journalist and claims to be offended by people being racists, then I would think he would be more concerned with the likes of Maxine Waters’ followers burning an American flag outside her office and encouraging people to kill white men, or the New York Times editor Sarah Jeong who had posted similar things on Twitter before they were taken down.

Misguided logic, however perceived to be noble, is not only part of the problem but dangerous as well.

Joe Krakovsky


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