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Years of vital, 24/7 services — at no cost

Putnam County sheriff refutes Granville's claims about police services

HENNEPIN — The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) has responded to claims and statements made by Granville Village Board members and Police Chief Kevin Moore during the June 5 village board meeting in regard to a contract request to help shoulder the costs of dispatching and other services.

Other area towns, such as Princeton, Spring Valley, LaSalle, Peru, Mendota and Oglesby, pay dispatching fees through similar agreements that include nothing else. The county’s proposal includes a variety of other valuable services that, Sheriff Kevin Doyle said, Granville has been using free of charge for several years.

“Granville currently provides police service to the village of Standard and is compensated financially. The PCSO has provided coverage of Granville when there are no Granville officers on duty or available. This includes from 4 to 7 a.m. during weekdays and varying times of the weekend. In 2017, this equaled approximately 20 percent of the time, all at no cost to the village,” Doyle said.

Doyle added that when the PCSO purchased a $6,000 Intoxilyzer, Granville was asked to help contribute. The village declined to help, but the Granville Police Department still uses the equipment when needed.

In addition, there are many other pieces of vital equipment and services which, when totaled, cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain and that Granville also regularly uses.

The proposal would charge increasing amounts over five years, beginning with approximately $5,500 this year and ending with roughly $8,300 the final year.

“When Moore said, ‘We get LEADS in our cars,’ it’s important to note that while Granville is paying for the service, they’re doing it redundantly because they’re running most of their traffic stops through county dispatch for that information,” Doyle said.

During the meeting, Moore inaccurately stated the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has eight deputies. According to Doyle, there are seven deputies, one of whom is assigned solely to Tri-DENT. Of the remaining six, the chief deputy’s responsibilities include being the primary investigator. This leaves only five deputies to patrol county roads and respond to domestic situations, emergency calls, accidents and other needs.

Moore also said the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office should need only three to five deputies.

“Spring Valley has a population of 5,600 with 7.4 square miles of coverage, and they have 10 full-time and six part-time officers. We have 172 square miles to cover, and we also maintain a jail,” Doyle said.

According to Doyle, the National City/County Government Association recommends approximately two officers per 1,000 people. Putnam County is home to roughly 5,700 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, so using the staffing rates provided by Doyle, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office should have about four additional deputies on the payroll.

In addition, the salaries of both Putnam County deputies and dispatchers are well below the average of other Illinois Valley departments.

Doyle also said the 911 surcharges that residents pay are remitted to the state, which in turn distributes the funds accordingly to each Public Service Answering Point. He added the County’s Emergency Management Agency is a separate entity from the sheriff’s department, and also noted his office is careful in its spending and works to use only about 58 percent of its budgeted funds.

“Approaching the village for payment of services wasn’t meant to be controversial or to cause a disturbance. Approaching Granville, as well as the other villages throughout the county, is strictly a long-overdue intergovernmental contract,” Doyle said.

The village of Mark has agreed to the proposal, and McNabb is expected to agree to it in the coming weeks.

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