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Property Transfers

Property Transfers (March 1-29, 2018)

March 1

Heartland Bank & Trust Company to Alam Enterprises, LLC; one parcel; $30,000.

David Perkins and Sandra Perkins to David Perkins, Sandra Perkins, Dustin Perkins and Joshua Bernat; Lot 69, Lake Thunderbird Woods; exempt.

Vista Securities, Inc. to Reel Wild Farms, LLC; Lot 514, Lake Thunderbird Hills 3; $6,600.

Farr Farms, Inc. to Robert F. Wagner, as trustee; two parcels; $340,000.

March 2

Louis J. Kostellic and Roann Kostellic as to parcel one and two and Louis J. Kostellic and Roann J. Kostellic as to parcel 3 to Louis J. Kostellic and Roann J. Kostellic, with the remaining interest to Cheri L. Zimmerlein; three parcels; exempt.

Koreen Judd to Suzann Schorn; two parcels; $145,000.

Kazimierz Kowalczyk and Irena Kowalczyk to Kazimierz Kowalczyk and Irena Kowalczyk, as trustees; Lot 598, Lake Thunderbird Woods 4; exempt.

March 5

Michael W. Prokup and Kim A. Prokup to Aaron Kassabaum and Koreen Judd; Lot 18, Timberline Acres; $288,000.

Emma M. Haywood to Brad Kays and Shelley A. Kays; one parcel; exempt.

March 7

Henryk S. Gorny and Alicia Janowicz to Henryk S. Gorny and Alicia Janowicz, as trustees; Lot 670, Lake Thunderbird Hills 3; exempt.

March 9

Mark S. Read and Gabriele M. Read to Mark S. Read and Gabriele M. Read, as trustees; two parcels with exceptions and four additional parcels; exempt.

Curtis J. Alsip, Kelly L. Alsip and William S. Hileman to Paul A. Langone; Lot 243, Lake Thunderbird Woods; $2,200.

Wieslaw Michalski to Marcin Sciubisz and Stella Sciubisz; two parcels; $7,500.

Cheryl Holmstrom to Michael Holmstrom; one parcel; exempt.

Jonathon G. Mathis, Robert L. Mathis and Sheila Mathis to F6 Land Company, LLC; five parcels with exceptions and two additional parcels; $1,700,000.

March 12

Mark A. Parsons to Rachel M. Parsons; Lots 12 and 13, Tyler’s Addition, Granville; exempt.

Jane Neidetcher to Raymond Morales; one parcel; exempt.

March 19

Joan M. Cichy to Steve J. Lewkowycz; Lot 223 and part of Lot 222, Lake Thunderbird Woods; exempt.

Ann Crosby f/k/a Ann Dittmer to Michael Dittmer; Lot 614, Lake Thunderbird Woods; exempt.

March 21

Ezra H. Friedrich to Greg E. Gillan and Sally F. Gillan; one parcel; $33,000.

March 23

Richard Bence to Anahl Bence; two parcels; exempt.

Coral L. Albers to Christina M. Weber; Lots 1 and 2 with exceptions, Block 11, Granville; $170,000.

Walter Diaz, Jacoba De Diaz, Axel G. Diaz and Veda Carrera to Lake Thunderbird Association; Lot 630, Lake Thunderbird Hills 3; exempt.

March 26

Kenneth R. Troyan, as trustee to Kenneth R. Troyan and Linda Troyan; one parcel; exempt.

Jenelle A. Colvin to Erik M. Gruenwald and Lacey N. Gruenwald; Lot 12, Block 1, Lincolnshire Subdivision; $135,000.

March 29

Sandra K. Roadhouse to Kevin Roadhouse; Lot 7, Block 20, Hennepin; exempt.

Edward Kaminski and Kimberly Kaminski to Lake Thunderbird Association; Lot 80, Indian Hills; exempt.

William and Cindy Migliorini to Ramona J. Cofoid; two parcels; exempt.

Ramona J. Cofoid to William and Cindy Migliorini; two parcels; exempt.

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