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Spring will come; change can happen, too

Seek inspiration from happy and generous people

IT will come. I have little green shoots peeping out on the south side of the house where the north wind can’t get to them. Usually by now, we think IT won’t come at all, and the cold will go on and on. It will be all right. IT will show up, and we’ll forget how impatient we were.

Many of us are so disturbed by these school shootings and feel helpless in many ways. But I have hope (as usual) that the children themselves will make the necessary changes. They will vote soon, you know. As I write this, the kids all over the country are walking out of schools to make a statement to their elders to please protect them.

Old age is a good time to reflect on things and let go of things you can’t change. It is burdensome for us at this age to worry about ongoing history and foolish people doing foolish things when we know from our own life, they won’t work. Others will spend millions of dollars to make a statement of some kind and in a few years, someone will come along and discover that doesn’t work at all. Like walls.

As elders, we can sip some coffee, smile and nod to our dear friends, and know we are thinking the same thing. Whoops, there they go again.

Serenity goes a long way, and the prayer states to have courage about things you can change. Trouble with that theory is, that means looking at ourselves and changing! As my granddaughter says, “Whaaat!”

Let’s face it, even if we are aging, we can vigorously look at ourselves and tweak a few things. Do we think negatively all the time, criticize often, and drink too much, still smoke, talk incessantly, or not at all?

There are people out there who can help us change. Just ask someone to help you be the best, kindest, healthiest, happiest person you can be. No, it doesn’t take a lot of money. Effort? Honesty? Yes.

We all know someone who seems to be happy and makes others happy. If you talk to them awhile, they offer a generous spirit, with no hidden agendas, no axes to grind, and a hopeful and grateful outlook. This person has a spiritual base. Visit with them and get to know them if you can. I try to learn from them, and Lord knows, I need all the help I can get.

Maybe we as elders are too busy entertaining ourselves with what modern life offers, that we forget to help change things in our community. “Courage to change the things we can.” Volunteering doesn’t take much effort, and even making calls can make a difference. It is astounding what a little effort can change.

Look at our children this day all over the country -- walking.

Be kind to each other, and love to you all.

Note to readers: Nedda Simon of rural Princeton can be reached at neddasimon@ymail.com.

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