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She won’t forget to eat, or pray

Food nourishes, so does the word of God

Out of the mouths of babes! One day, many moons ago at lunch, I was all fired up about God and was talking, talking, talking to my luncheon companion.

As I talked, I heard a little voice (of the day care child who was tagging along) say, “Eat, Lori.”

The tyke was apparently concerned that in my enthusiasm, I would forget to consume the food that was before me. My companion and I laughed over the ridiculousness of the statement.

I believe my comment back to him went something like this, “Well, thank you child, for reminding me, because it seems I might just starve to death if you hadn’t been here. As you can see, I’m practically wasting away!”

I love sarcasm, even when it is lost on the youthful.

Anorexic has never been a word to describe me. I have never allowed my scale to be less than heavily burdened. My clothing sizes include anything in the double digits from 10 all the way up.

I am truly a Fat Old Mom, so the hilarity of his statement hit me full force. I may forget to brush my teeth. I may forget to wash my face. I may not always have time to go to the bathroom, but I have never FORGOTTEN to eat.

I love to eat. I love the taste of food. I love the preparation of food. I love shopping for food. It is a part of everything I do.

I include it in family time. I include it in celebration. It consoles me. When I want to show someone I care — I bake. When I am concerned for someone, I offer to cook for them. I know people like it when I fix them something. I love how their eyes light up when they see me with a container of cookies.

I own many cookbooks and cooking implements. Pampered Chef is my friend. Tupperware invitations send me into a happy little dance. I find fulfillment in food and all the emotions surrounding it.

Do I feel this way about Jesus and prayer? I would like to think so. At the end of the day, if someone asks me about my relationship with Christ, I would like to use all of the above examples to define that relationship.

I would like to think that he consumes my day, that I want to share him with others. I would like to think that I can’t wait to be alone with him and consume his word. I would like to think he is the cornerstone of all of my family functions, the basis for my outreach.

I would like to think being invited to Christian events would stir the emotion within me that a Tupperware invitation does.

As my walk progresses, I find these things to be truer and truer about my everyday life, but I still am not to the place where I would laugh out loud about the lunacy of the statement, “Pray, Lori,” as if it would be beyond my comprehension that I might NOT.

Hopefully someday, I will get to the point in my life where I may forget to eat, but I will never forget to pray and put Jesus first in my thoughts, life and actions.

Note to readers: Lori Boekeloo of Hennepin is a mother of three. She can be reached at lorianne67@hotmail.com, or friend her on Facebook for more humor and inspiration on a daily basis.

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