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FFA members recognized at awards ceremony

GRANVILLE — The Putnam County High School FFA organization recently held its awards ceremony.

The organization has a series of four degrees that are awarded to the members as they progress through their membership.

The first of these accomplishments is the Greenhand degree, which is awarded to first-year students involved in the FFA program. The requirements to receive this award are being an active member in the FFA, beginning a Supervised Agricultural Experience Project, and maintaining good grades in their coursework. FFA members who qualified for this degree received a bronze pin for their FFA jacket. Those members were Kennedie Bazydlo, Molly Boyd, Emily Bruch, Jack Buffington, Kole Chiado, Aaron Cimei, Chelsie Craps, Benjamin Cyr, Gage Darlington, Gavin Darlington, Alexis Dauck, Jayme Davis, Devon Deford, Luis Gonzalez, Matthew Grush, Nick Hann, Caleb Haig, Evan Halbleib, Grant Halbleib, Austin Hawthorne, Beth Jackson, Mark Judd, Ben Just, Cassandra Johnson, Anthony Labanowski, Elly Larsen, Miles McCook, Charle McCook, Teagen Pantenburg, Dallas Powell, Jakob Pyszka, Daniel Sabotta, Dillion Shoepke, Kody Sprun, Bailey Smith, Dalton Smith, Keegen Taylor, Carter Trone, Noyln Thompson, Michael Waslesyn, Jacob Wiesbrock, Alexander Vance, Dylan Zupeac, John Walker, Aaron Walters, Destiny West, Skyler Williams, Michael Zimmer, Shauni Biagini, Rachel Maggio and Jacob McFadin.

The Scholarship award goes to the student who has the highest GPA in their class. This year’s freshmen with the highest GPA are Molly Boyd, Jacob Wiesbrock and Dylan Zupec.

The Leadership award goes to FFA members in each class that stood out as a people who were always on time and helped out the chapter out when ever possible. They each helped out with cooking pork chops and CDEs such as soils, meats, food science and Novice Parlia Pro. This year’s recipients are Jacob Wiesbrock and Carter Trone.

The Star Greenhand Award is given annually to the outstanding freshman in FFA. It is based on participation, success, establishment of a Supervised Agriculture Experience Program and scholastic achievement. These individuals tried new things outside their comfort zones. They participated in a wide variety of CDEs from parliamentary procedure, meats, food science, vet science, poultry and much more. They also could be found helping out with cooking events. This year’s Star Greenhands are Cassie Johnson, Molly Boyd and Emily Bruch.

The second level of degree an FFA member can achieve is the Chapter FFA Degree. In order to earn the Chapter Degree, a member must currently be enrolled in a second-year ag course, have maintained an SAE project and have actively participated in FFA activities. Students meeting the requirements for this degree were Nicole Archer, Olivia Brown, Arek Burlingame, Luke Carlson, Michael Dzierzynski, Taylor Frew, Christian Harris, Hope Keller, Devin Masters, Michael Schrowang, Samuel Stunkel, Larry Thurston, Nolan Whitney, Megan Wiesbrock, Hunter Witzman, Alexandra Mellentine, Jacab Cabal, Joseph Ellena, Steven York, Lissette Seibert and Hannah Sons.

Megan Wiesbrock received the scholarship award that goes to the sophomore with the highest GPA.

The sophomore Leadership Award recipients were Nolan Whitney, Michael Schrowang and Michael Dzierzynski. These members stood out as punctual people who are always willing to help. They each participated in multiple CDEs such as ag sales, soils, ag mechanics and parliamentary procedure.

The Outstanding Sophomore Award went to Olivia Brown. The award goes to the FFA member who has participated in the most FFA activities throughout the year. Brown was not afraid to try new things and participate in a wide variety of CDEs from horse judging to vet science and poultry. Her SAE was in poultry production.

Anna Mattern received the Scholarship Award that goes to the junior with the highest GPA.

The junior Leadership Award recipients were Kindra Shawback, Jacob Cabal and Steven York. These members made a lasting impact to the organization. They helped out with almost all the home cooking events and did CDEs like forestry, meats and horticulture.

The Outstanding Junior Award went to Anna Mattern and Luke Griffith. They have put in many long hours working on FFA activities. They have helped run the pancake and sausage breakfast, and they can be seen at almost every FFA event. They participated in CDE such as forestry, soils and poultry. Their SAEs were in ag services and diversified crop production entrepreneurship.

CDE stand for career development event. These are more than just some contest, but rather an event full of opportunities. Students get to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real life events. Students get to explore a wide variety of careers in the field of agriculture and meet fellow members and network. This year the Putnam County FFA participated in 18 different career development events, including:

• Horse judging — Ashley Johnson, Hope Keller, Molly Boyd, Cassie Johnson, Emily Bruch and Olivia Brown.

• Forestry (second in section, ninth in state) — Anna Mattern, Carleigh Wellenreitter, Kindra Shawback, Jack Buffington and Hunter Witzman.

• Land use — Nolan Whitney, Michael Schrowang, Michael Dzierzynski, Jacob Wiesbrock, Luke Griffith, Seth Carlson, Connor Taylor and Owen Mallery.

• Food science — Caleb Haig, Emily Bruch, Jonathin Brandner, Carter Trone and Molly Boyd.

• Ag sales (first in section) — Nathaniel Welch, Owen Mallery, Nolan Whitney, Connor Taylor, Michael Dzierzsynki and Michael Schrowang. Owen Mallery placed first as individual in the state.

• Agronomy — Dillion Shopeke, Aaron Cimei, Kole Chiado, Michael Schrowang and Miles McCook.

• Dairy foods — Ashley Johnson, Jonathin Brandner, Tony Labanowski, Kyle Leitner, Devin Masters and Hope Keller. Kyle Leitner placed seventh in the state as an individual.

• Parliamentary procedure — Owen Mallery, Nolan Whitney, Michael Dizerysnki, Jacob Wiesbrock, Molly Boyd and Emily Bruch.

• Greenhand parliamentary procedure (first in section) — Dillion Schopeke, Jacob Wiesbrock, Molly Boyd, Emily Bruch, Miles McCook and Kennedie Bazydo.

• Quiz Bowl — Jack Buffington, Cassie Johnson, Molly Boyd and Emily Bruch.

• Creed speaking (first in section) — Molly Boyd.

• Meat judging (first in section) — Kiranda Shawback, Carter Trone, Jack Buffington, Molly Boyd, Emily Bruch and Cassie Johnson. The team got fifth in the state, and Carter Trone placed 14th as an individual.

• Poultry judging (second in section) — Ashley Johnson, Cassie Johnson, Olivia Brown, Anna Mattern, Devin Master and Jonathin Brandner. The team place seventh in the state, and Anna Mattern placed 17th as an individual.

• Ag mechanics (second in section) — Power, Michael Schrowang, first in his area; Electricity, Carter Trone, second in section; Carpentry, Nathinal Welch, third in his area; Welding, Charle McCook, first in his area; and Surveying, Owen Mallery, third in his area.

• VET Science (second in section) — Kindra Shawback, Ashley Johnson, Cassie Johnson, Olivia Brown, Hope Keller and Luis Gonzalez.

• Livestock judging — Megan Wiesbrock, Molly Boyd, Dillion Shoepke, Cassie Johnson, Hope Keller, Devin Masters and Emily Bruch.

• Job interview — Ashley Johnson and Emily Bruch.

• Horticulture — Kyle Leitner and Kindra Shawback.

SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience. Students find an area that interests them, and they keep records on it. Projects range from working for someone and raising animals to having their own business. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours and even some last minute corrections to getting their books done on time. Eight students participated in Section 5 proficiencies in nine different areas. Chapter winners were: Ashley Johnson, ag education; Ashley Johnson, small animal care and management; Anna Mattern, ag services placement; Olivia Brown, poultry production; Owen Mallery, outdoor recreation; Jacob Cabal, grain production placement; and Luke Griffith, diversified crop production entrepreneurship. Section winners were Ty Lenkaitis, specialty animal production; and Nolan Whitney, fiber and oil production.

Dan Bruch received the FFA Pride Award. The award is presented to an individual who has helped the chapter at numerous cooking events, chaperoned the FFA lock-in and national convention, as well as helped to prepare the ag issues team for nationals. He can be found working at the annual consignment sale or judging CDE competitions.

Marty Keller received the Honorary Chapter Degree, which goes to an individual that has supported the agriculture department and FFA for more than 15 years. Keller has dug soil pits for numerous soils practices and contest. He has helped plant, till, spray and provide seed to the FFA Putnam County Conservation East Plot.

Ashley Johnson received the FFA State Degree, the highest degree an FFA member can achieve at the high school level. Students must meet a long list of requirements to receive this award, including maintaining a 3.0/4 GPA, work at least 750 hour in excess of scheduled class time on their SAE or invest $1,500 into their SAE.

The Chapter Star Farmer is Ashley Johnson, who raised poultry and rabbits.

Nicholas Bruch received the American Degree, the highest degree that one can earn in their FFA career. Less than 2 percent of FFA members will ever receive their American Degree. He will receive his award this fall at the national FFA convention in Indianapolis, Ind.

Owen Mallery received the Scholarship Award that goes to the senior with the highest GPA.

The senior Leadership Award went to Owen Mallery, Nathaniel Welch and Connor Taylor. These seniors made a lasting impact to the chapter. They had success in CDEs like ag sales and parliamentary procedure.

The Outstanding Senior award was presented to Ashley Johnson. The award goes to an individual who went above and beyond and then some. She has been the foundation of PC FFA for four years. She has always given 100 percent at everything that she does. She has help lead many committees such as eighth grade recruitment, reading to the kindergarteners, FFA Week and much more. She has helped out at the annual FFA alumni consignment sale and almost all cooking events. She also participated in a variety of CDEs from horse judging, dairy foods, vet science and poultry to name a few.

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