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Letters to the Editor

Open your eyes!

In regards to the person-on-the-street comments on the proposed hog factory (stop calling it a farm, by the way): How many of the folks that have no problem with this live near it? How many were at the public hearing? How many have actually looked at the plan for this factory? It is not a farm! I live near its proposed site, and it will cause the value of my property to drop 30 to 50 percent.

Of course it does not matter to you until it is in your backyard. Please think outside the borders of your insular communities and county; you just may find out it’s a big world out there. If it were sited across the street directly west from the Magnolia Cemetery, how would you feel then? What if it was your neighbor doing it? Tunnel vision - that’s what’s going on here. Feel free to look a little deeper into this to see what is actually going with this process. It has become a cancer in Iowa, which is why they can not build there. Do yourself a favor, and investigate the pollution problems due to CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) in pretty much every state of this union. Their plan fails in pretty much all eight of the siting criteria required. They do not have a plan to deal with at least a million gallons of pig waste except to store it on site. They plan to dig below the water table to store it.

No alarms yet? Proposed to be built on Glacial till. Every time you drive across the McNabb Blacktop, you are driving on the Mount Palatine Moraine. That is where the last glacier to pop through our area stopped. It is unstable ground, full of various areas of water. Some folks with shallow wells depend on them. And in case we have forgotten, water, and whatever is in it, flows downhill. Toward the Big Sandy, thus downstream to Henry, Lacon and the Mississippi.

Has anyone taken into consideration the airborne pathogens associated with these facilities? This is a pure example of industrial strength budgets bulldozing common sense. They want to make money. Yeah, OK, at whose expense? Are we naive enough to think this will not spread? In order for these to work for the investors, there is a need for “finishing” houses. Do you think they will build one of those in Carbondale? They will build it as close to the pig sex factory as they can.

Did they include monies in their plan for road upkeep? No. It will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars just to put them into shape for the expected truck traffic. You’d best talk to your road commissioner about what will happen if these facilities go in near you. Please inform yourself about the facts of this project. Sure, it’s OK for you to care less about what happens across the county line. But believe me, as a rural Illinois resident, you are in their sights. They do not have any interest in you or the lifestyle you enjoy; they only see a bottom line, and it will be at my/your/our expense. Once again, please find out the truth. And for what it is worth, no single person stood up and said, “We don’t want you to make money.” It is just the worst place to put it. You do know the family owns lots of ground. Why did they not build where there would be zero opposition? Or would there?

Greg Steil


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